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Can LSU be stopped?

November 28th, 2011

The Bayou Bengals, punched their ticket to the SEC championship to face the Georgia Bulldogs after a dominate 41-17 win over #3 Arkansas.  It was yet another impressive victory by LSU as their offense racked up points, while their defense suffocated the Razorbacks.  Super sophomore Tyrann Mathieu once again made his presence felt during the game with a 92 yard touchdown punt return to go along with 2 forced fumbles.  Mathieu led a vaunted LSU defense that held Arkansas to 47 yards rushing.  Razorback QB Tyler Wilson was under duress all day and failed to get any kind of rhythm going after his only TD pass that came in the 2nd quarter.  He was also sacked 5 times and intercepted once.

Tiger QB Jordan Jefferson didn’t have a particularly strong game for the Tigers, but it wasn’t needed.   LSU used their trio of running backs, as well as the athletic Jefferson to gain 286 yards rushing (6.2 yards per carry).  After Arkansas took a 14-0 lead in the 2nd quarter, LSU turned up the heat, outscoring their opponent 41-3 for the rest of the game.  For a team that hadn’t been down more than 3 points all season, this was by far LSU’s toughest test of the season.  Friday’s test however, was passed with flying colors, as the Tigers made their 12th consecutive victory look easy.

Besides a 3 point victory over Alabama, LSU has dominated all the opponents they have faced this season.  Next Saturday’s SEC showdown will Georgia will indeed be a stiff test for LSU.  Time and time again the Bayou Bengals have proven to be the superior team in 2011, and December 3rd will be no different.  The only question now is can the BCS pick a worthy opponent for LSU in the title game?  I personally would like to see a LSU/Bama rematch.  The Crimson Tide is the only team that has the capability to match the Tigers weapons and athleticism.  Only time will tell if the BCS will get it right… but even if they do pick the right opponent, will it even be a contest?


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