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Rejoice Turns to Sorrow for Cardinal Nation…

December 13, 2011

Fresh off winning their 11th championship, Cardinals fans were left devastated after the face of the franchise, Albert Pujols accepted a 10 year, $254 million contract to play for the Los Angeles Angels.  The contract is worth the 2nd highest in baseball history.  Pujols leaves St. Louis after a HOF 11 year stretch in which he amassed 445 HRs, over 1300 RBIs, a .328 batting average, 2 NL MVPs, and 2 championships.

As a Cardinals fan, losing a great player like Albert truly stings.  From a business prospective though, I respect Albert’s decision.  Last offseason, the Cardinals offered the 2 time MVP an insulting 5 year, $130 million deal.  This was a low ball offer, considering the owners’ intentions on making Pujols a “Cardinal for life.”  After witnessing a historic World Series Game 3 in which Albert hit a record 3 home runs, it baffles me that St. Louis would offer so little.  The Cardinals were adamant on paying Albert Pujols top 5 salary for his position, even though he deserved maximum money.  In the end the Angels snatched the Cardinals most prized asset, and the St. Louis Cardinals have no one to blame but themselves…



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