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17 year old phenom wins the right way

August 20, 2012

In an age where eduction takes a backseat to the almighty dollar, Missy Franklin not only dominated these 2012 Olympics but passed on potential millions in endorsements to remain in high school. The 17 year old phenom is now a senior in high school. She also plans on attending the likes of USC, and possibly Texas. She is anxious to compete in collegiate athletics and has been quoted stating that, “I [she] really, really want to swim in college.”

Not only has Franklin captivated the world with her youthful spirit, her versatility is what make her so special in the water.  In most meets she competes in every stroke, which has prepared her to swim 7 events in London.  Not only did she set a world record in the 200 m backstroke, she was apart of the Women’s 4 x 100 m medley relay that also set a world record.  Her work in the pool has even garnered praise from the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps.  He marveled at her ability to compete in back to back races at such a high level, all the while confident in her abilities, “She’s [Franklin]  a racer, she knows what to do.”

Last week, Missy Franklin started her senior year of high school at Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora, Colorado.  After the amazing things she accomplished in London, Franklin’s 12 grade year will be unique to say the least.  She will try her best to do what most 17 year old girls do.  Studying for exams, dreaming of prom, picking out a class ring, and practicing for what will be a memorable walk across the graduation stage will surely be on her agenda… and this is exactly the way it needs to be.  Kids her age should appreciate and cherish moments like these.  I bet Franklin has every intention on doing so, and with such a busy schedule maybe she will have a little time for swim practice too…


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