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Upcoming Fantasy Football Season…

After a 2 round playoff loss, I am looking to create another strong contender as the Fantasy Football draft approaches.  My team, Living Legends, already has a strong foundation with playmakers like Tony Romo, Ray Rice, Victor Cruz, and Patrick Willis (The league I participate in drafts individual defensive players).  I have recently been scouting players that will surely help the Living Legends and I have several on my radar.

Percy Harvin has definitely been at the top of my list.  Despite having a history of severe migraine headaches, Harvin still managed to average 18 fantasy points per week.  Barring injury, Percy will likely put up solid numbers as the Vikings top receiver.  Julio Jones is another receiver I would like to draft.  He seems to have developed a potent attack with Pro Bowl QB Matt Ryan during the preseason.  Jones has a chance to score a lot of touchdowns in the Falcons dominant offense.  Since I have an injury prone and sometimes inconsistent QB like Tony Romo, I want to make it a priority to have a quality backup QB.  Since I have the 13th pick in the draft, quality QB’s will be hard to come by.  Last season, I had the luxury of having both Tony Romo and Eil Manning at quarterback. This gave me the ability to be flexible with my roster knowing I had 2 top 5 Fantasy QBs on the same roster.  Along with Manning, Joe Flacco, Sam Bradford, and Jake Locker are some other QBs with a lot of upside.

Since defensive players are drafted individually instead of picking total team defenses, it is essential to have a solid defensive squad with depth.  Defense was my strength last year and I plan on continuing that trend.  I already begin the year with 5 top 10 fantasy players for there respective positions, including Patrick Willis, Jason Babin, and Kam Chancellor.  Jason McCourty is a player I will be looking for in the middle rounds as my first defensive player.  He scored the most fantasy points among free agent defensive players.  Tackling CBs make reliable players because interceptions usually don’t occur consistently .  Drafting players who contribute on special teams also make for quality players, like Aaron Ross.  Not only is Ross a productive fantasy CB, he also returns punts for the Giants.

I will continue prepare for the season after the draft by watching the NFL preseason to find potential sleepers.  With 2 remaining games, players will be fighting for roster spots and could add depth to the Living Legends.  Injuries in the NFL are inevitable, and can be devastating to a roster, but  having good depth will help soften the blow.  Last year I lost top 10 fantasy RB Fred Jackson in the middle of the season to a broken bone.  However, I also had Ray Rice on my team who happens to be a top 5 RB.  Having a deep roster is the deference between an average team, and a really good team.

This year I am hoping to once again contend for the Super Bowl.  I hope to built on a strong campaign last year in which I finished 13-4.  The quest for the “chip” begins Aug. 26. Stay tuned…


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