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The Real Refs Back?

September 26, 2012

NFL sources claim the league and the NFL Referees Association have agreed in principle on a deal.  Apparently there was enough progress Tuesday night that the regular refs could return in time to work this week’s games.  This doesn’t mean anything is imminent however, and a few hurdles still need to be completed to end the lockout.

The NFLRA has stated that their 121 referees have all been trained on the new rules implemented this year and most have completed a physical. A “minor league” system will be created and include 21 major college officials who will be included in offseason seminars and work NFL training camps in order to get up to speed with the NFL game.  The Referees Association also would like to develop an “expert committee” that will work to steadily improve overall officiating.

The Seahawks/Packers game on MNF is hopefully the straw that broke the camel’s back.  The fact that side judge, who worked in Division III football before becoming a replacement ref, was in plain view of the play, missed the offensive interference AND the interception is ridiculous.  Missing calls is understandable, we are humans and are capable of error.  Now these under-qualified refs are directly effecting the outcome of a games and possible playoff seeding down the road and it is unacceptable.  In order to maintain the integrity of the NFL this lockout must end ASAP, or this situation could get real ugly…


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