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Sheed to the Knicks?

October 3, 2012

The New York Knicks roster is starting to look like a history book after stockpiling a group of wily veterans over the off-season.  The Knicks already have a few 35+ players on the team, and added another yesterday according to NBA sources.  After 2 years of retirement Rasheed Wallace (38) signed with the Knicks, after working out with the team for the past couple of weeks.  New York is now the oldest team in the NBA, and that’s is certainly not a good thing knowing that they have to get past Boston and Miami to win the East.  At 38 years old, I just don’t see Rasheed Wallace making a postive impact for this team.  The Knicks will face many challenges from the likes of LeBron, Kevin Garnett, Andrew Bynum, and Al Hortford.  Last time we saw Sheed he was getting abused by Pau Gasol in the 2010 NBA Finals.   Let’s face it, the NY Knicks need defense, defense, and more defense.

8 years ago this would have been a perfect addition.  In his heyday, Wallace was a load in the post and stretched the defense with his solid 3 point shooting.  Those days however, are long gone, plus the fact that he hasn’t played a game in 2 years.  I just don’t see this signing being a positive for Knicks with their current roster.  I just don’t see Sheed fitting well with a bench that already includes 39 year old Jason Kidd, 38 year old Marcus Camby, and 39 year old Kurt Thomas.  As Charles Barkley consistently reiterates, “Father Time never loses, he is undefeated…”  Bottom line, the NBA’s all time leader in technical fouls really can’t help the Knicks at this point in his career.  This veteran overhaul will keep the Knicks relevant, but it doesn’t make them any closer to beating the Heat, Celtics, Philly, or even Atlanta.


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