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What’s next for the Eagles?

November 20, 2012

In August, there was a feeling of optimism for the Philadelphia Eagles in the upcoming season.  Despite a talented roster, the team limped out of the gate last year but finished strong and won their last 4 to finish 8-8.  During the off-season  HC Andy Reid’s son Garrett, who was an assistant coach for the Eagles, died from a drug overdose.  The team seemed to rally around their coach, and wanted to give Reid their all this  season.  Mike Vick proclaimed that there was a dynasty brewing in Philly and that they just needed to eliminate the small mistakes in order to fulfill their potential.  The Eagles continued to committed the turnovers that plagued them last year, but managed to start this year 3-1.  It wasn’t pretty, but Philly found ways to win early.

That all  seems like a distant memory now, as the Eagles have gone on a 6 game skid.  They have looked awful during the month of November, surrendering an average of 32 ppg.  Michael Vick suffered a concussion in a loss to the Cowboys 2 weeks ago and his status for Monday’s game against Carolina is uncertain.  Rookie Nick Foles started against the Redskins last week and couldn’t get any type of rhythm going.  The rookie QB threw for 204 yards but had 2 interceptions, and was sacked 4 times.  The fact that Foles threw 46 times on the road baffles me.  You have to give All Pro RB LeSean McCoy more than 21 touches, especially knowing that you have a young QB making his 1st start against a divisional foe on the road.  The offensive line has been decimated with injuries, starters Jason Peters and Jason Kelce are out for the year with various injuries.  Eagle QBs have been under duress all year behind their current make shift line.

Don’t even get me started on this defense…  Jim Johnson is currently tossing and turning in his grave.  During this 6 game losing streak, the Eagles have given up 381 yards pg.  The secondary led by CB Nnamdi Asomugha has been getting torched for big gains all year.  The defense isn’t causing many turnovers, and the pass rush has been non existent.  Last year DEs Jason Babin and Trent Cole combined for 29 sacks last year, they have only 6 so far this season.

The chances of the Eagles turning this season around and making the playoffs are very slim.  Stranger things have happened in the NFL, but they way this team has looked, I don’t see them winning 6 straight to finish the year.  Even if this miraculous comeback were to happen, Philly would still need some help from other teams who are fighting for the last 2 Wild Card spots.

Now the question is what to do with Andy Reid?  The long time HC has been with the Eagles organization since 1999 and has coached the team to 5 NFC titles games and 1 Super Bowl appearance.  He has been a model of consistency in the rugged NFC East, and his teams are usually always contenders.  However, the Andy Reid era in Philly has come to an end.  The team seems to have packed it in this season and looks bad in just about every phase of the game.  The honorable move for ownership would be to let Reid finish the year and look in a different direction during the off-season   In this circumstance though, I think it would be best to fire Andy and start the rebuilding process as soon as possible.  Let’s face the facts, as good a coach Reid is, the Eagles are not winning the Super Bowl this year and probably won’t even make the playoffs.  Eagles’ management must find someone who is better suited to maximize the talents of this loaded roster.  The likes of Bill Cowher and Eric Mangini should definitely get a phone call…

During his 13 year tenure, coach Andy Reid has done everything the Eagle organization has asked for, short of winning a Lombardi Trophy.  He has produced quality teams, year in and year out.  Unfortunately, all things must come to an end.  I’m sure Andy won’t be without a job for long.  He has an impressive resume, and will surely peak the interest of several teams this off-season.   The Eagles have to make a coaching change in order to begin damage control.  Philly’s top playmakers aren’t getting any younger, and the organization must take advantage of a championship window that is getting smaller by the year.


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