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“This knee won’t hold me back!” -Adrian Peterson


December 17, 2012

After being bottled up for the 1st quarter against an underrated St. Louis Rams defense (8 carries, 8 yards), Peterson’s tremendous talent kicked in to overdrive. On a simple draw play, AP patiently followed his fullback up the middle then exploded up the gut for a 82 yard touchdown. This amazing play demoralized the Rams, and the game permanently swung the momentum in the Vikings favor. By the time Peterson found his lane and took off, he was so far ahead of everyone else that he had time to look up at the screen and watch as he high-stepped into the endzone.

“Yeah, yeah, I was able to see myself,” Peterson said. “I just told myself to stay relaxed and ‘you don’t have to put on too much juice, but make sure you get there.”

*Rick Ross grunt*

Soooo you mean to tell me he wasn’t even running full speed on that play!?

And just think, on Christmas Eve of last year Adrian Peterson destroyed his knee, which took an entire offseason to heal. For him to not only come back, but lead the league in rushing (1,812), rushing yards per game (129.4), and have 11 TDs is nothing short of remarkable. No disrespect to what Peyton Manning has accomplished in Denver, but there is no question that Adrian Peterson should win Comeback Player of the Year AND MVP. He plays one of the most violent positions in the NFL, and to bounce back from that, and perform at such a high level speaks volumes.

Let’s put some things into perspective… Adrian Peterson averages as many yards rushing per attempt as his QB Christian Ponder is passing yards per attempt at 6.3. In the month of December, he has rushed for 576 yards (7.6 yards per rush) and 4 TDs. This man is on pace to rush for over 2,000 yards, a little more than a year removed from major knee surgery. Not to mention the fact that he is heart and soul of the Minnesota’s team. On a weekly basis, teams stack the line of scrimmage to slow down the freight train that is AP, but to no avail. Without his production, the Vikings would be horrendous. In their 8 wins, Peterson has showed up and showed out. In their wins, AP has 1,110 total yards and 7 TDs and willed this team into playoff contention.

It would be a great injustice if Adrian Peterson is not awarded the NFL’s MVP and Comeback POY awards at the end of the season, not to mention soooooo DISRESPECTFUL *Stephen A. Smith voice* to one of the greatest seasons by a RB in NFL history.


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