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Kobe v MJ (One of my 1st blog entries)


March 13, 2009

Many basketball fans dismiss this comparison claiming that Michael Jordan is the superior basketball with little to no evidence supporting their claim. One main argument is that Jordan has 6 championships compared to Kobe Bryant’s 3 which means Jordan must be the better player. If this is so Robert Horry is better than the both of them (he has 7 rings). From his rookie season until his 2nd retirement Jordan has consistently played around better talent than Kobe. People forget that Scottie Pippen played an essential role in those 6 championships and is among ESPN’s 50 Greatest Players of all time.

After analyzing both Kobe and Michael I have discovered there is no aspect in the game of basketball that Jordan is better than Kobe. On the offensive end of the floor there is no denying both players ability. Phil Jackson, who coached both players, has been quoted as saying “Kobe is a more skilled player than Jordan.” The fact that Jordan scored more points per game over his career has more to do with the fact that Jordan started his career off on a lottery team with little talent at his position and they needed more offensive production to begin is career. However, after witnessing Kobe hit 12 three pointers in a game (NBA record), outscore an ENTIRE TEAM in three quarters (62 vs. Dallas Mavericks), and scoring 81 points in a game in which his team was down double digits at halftime I believe Kobe is superior to Jordan on the offensive side of the ball.
One defense I believe that both players are equally matched. Both players were consistency members of the all NBA defensive team. Though Jordan won the defensive player of the year award, Kobe’s defensive prowess shouldn’t be ignored. While he has not won the award but his name always is mentioned during the voting process plus that fact that during his career he has played among defensive specialists (Ron Artest, Bruce Bowen, Ben Wallace, Kevin Garnett, etc.) who could dominate the defensive end of the floor in any NBA era.

In conclusion it is my firm belief that Kobe Bryant is the greatest basketball player of all time… for now… Though Kobe Bryant holds the position as the best in the game, he could in the near future be replaced by Lebron James. Lebron is a once-in-a-lifetime athlete with very good basketball skills. Because of his inconsistent perimeter shooting, average free-throw shooting %, and lack of mental toughness he CAN NOT be mentioned in the same category as Kobe and MJ because both players are superior in those categories. With consistent improvement in these areas of the game Lebron James can replace Kobe as the GOAT… maybe…


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