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December 23, 2012

“That was perhaps the greatest streak shooting I have ever seen in my life,” said Lakers coach Phil Jackson, who has coached nine NBA championship teams – six in Chicago and three with the Lakers.

“They weren’t hitting anything, they were just going straight in – nothing but net,” Shaw said.

“I don’t think most guys can do that in a gym by themselves, let alone a game where you’re being defended.” Sonics coach Nate McMillan said.

Coming into this contest against the Seattle SuperSonics, Kobe Bryant was shooting  3’s at a 28% clip. Then he accomplished something that’s only happened twice in NBA history, he shot 18 3 pointers, made 12 including an unconscious 9 STRAIGHT (also an NBA record)! Bryant dropped 45 in the Lakers’ 119-98 win over Seattle, and it looked so effortless. His 1st 3 pointer didn’t come until less than 6 minutes left in the 2 quarter. He then drained 5 more before halftime, and his rhythm continued in the 2nd half. The more he hit, the more his confidence swelled.

“It’s hard to describe,” Bryant said of the feeling he had once he got hot. “You just feel so confident. You get your feet set and get a good look at the basket – it’s going in.

“Even the ones I missed I thought were going in.”

This amazing feat is a testament to Kobe’s scoring ability. He has never been known as a great perimeter shooter, so for him hit 12 NBA 3 pointers in only 37 minutes is nothing short of amazing.


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