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The Almighty SEC shows signs of vulnerability.


January 2, 2013


After winning 6 straight national championships, the SEC has become widely regarded as the best conference in college football. 4 out of the past 6 Heisman trophy winners have come from the conference. They have a track record of recruiting some of college football’s brightest stars as well as massive, athletic lineman that dominate the competition. When the SEC lines up against out of conference opponents 9 times out of 10 their talent is superior.

Despite over a half decade of dominance, the SEC has looked mortal during this season’s bowl games. The SEC is 3-3 so far.

Here are their 3 wins:  Georgia v. Nebraska 45-31, Vanderbilt v. NC State 38-24, and South Carolina v. Michigan 33-28

Honestly none of these wins impressed me. Nebraska was one of the better team in the Big Ten, but they also gave up 60+ plus in big losses against Ohio State and Wisconsin. NC State in is the ACC, enough said. Michigan also was not impressive this year, and lost to all 4 of the ranked teams they played this year.

SEC bowl game losses: LSU v. Clemson 24-25, Louisville v. Florida 33-23 , Miss State v. Northwestern 20-34

LSU lost to a Clemson team who was minus their player, Sammy Watkins for most of the game. The Tigers squandered a 24-13 lead going into the 4th quarter, and lost on a last second field goal. LSU’s D was getting tourched by dynamic wideout DeAndre Hopkins who really stepped up in Watkins absence. Florida had the worse possible start a team could have to start a game, and was never able to recover. Florida opened up the game with a pick 6 and it was downhill for the rest of the ballgame. Louisville’s QB Teddy Bridgewater looked like a future 1st round draft pick as he shredded the Gators vaunted defense for 266 yards and 2 TDs. Mississippi State is lucky they only lost by 14, their QB Tyler Russell was horrible. He tossed a pick 6 and had 4 total interceptions on the day. The defense didn’t play much better either, giving up 350+ total yards to Northwestern.

Now with all that been said…

I still think Alabama is going to win the National Championship, and beat Notre Dame by double digits. Bama’s line resembles a group of wooly mammoths, and their 2 freshman backs look like Adrian Peterson’s older brothers. They are simply bigger, stronger, and faster than the Irish. My prediction, 28-13 Bama, as they continue the SEC’s national title reign. #RollTide


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