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My Super Bowl Pick

February 2, 2013

Tomorrow in the Big Easy, the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers are set to clash in what will be a great Super Bowl matchup. There are plenty of storylines for Sunday’s game. The wily veterans Ray Lewis and Randy Moss are searching for a title in the twilight of their careers. It will be the 1st ever sibling head coaching battle for the Super Bowl as the Ravens coach, John Harbaugh goes up against his younger brother Jim. Flacco will be a free agent after the year is done, and if he manages to have a big game he will definitely be asking for a $100 million contract. If Kaepernick can will his squad to a victory, Jim Harbaugh’s genius would be validated after switching to the young QB mid season.

49ers offense v. Ravens offense: Both teams have explosive offenses and are stacked with playmakers. However, I’m giving to edge to the 49ers because of the young QB Kaepernick. His ability to run AND throw effectively is what makes the 49ers offense so scary. Defenses haven’t found away to slow this guy down. He can hurt you on the ground and through the playaction pass. During the playoffs, Kaepernick has amassed 698 total yards and 5 TDs. With Kaepernick and weapons such as Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, Baltimore will have their hands full.

49ers defense v. Ravens defense: While the 49ers D is more talented, I’m going with Baltimore. Their defense is a little more disciplined and is coming into the Super Bowl on a roll. They held Tom Brady and company to only 14 points in the AFC Championship game. They suffocated the Patriots offense, keeping them scoreless in the 2nd half. The 49ers D was solid, but looked vulnerable in the NFC championship game. They gave up a lot of big plays against Atlanta’s passing attack.

49ers special teams v. Ravens special teams: Despite reports that David Akers made every kick in the 49ers last practice, he missed more kicks than any other kicker in the NFL this year. I’m giving the edge to Baltimore.

Coaching: I’m going with the older Harbaugh brother John on this one. He has more coaching experience than Jim in the playoffs. But that is no knock on Jim and his coaching staff. Their Pistol offense has been a force to be reckoned with all year.

Prediction: Ravens 24, 49ers 20


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