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True Life: I want to be a vegan.


“Veganism is a nonviolent grassroots political movement. It has no leader. It recognizes that all species morally matter and all that matters is sentience for nonhumans to belong to the moral community. It does not accept the notion of “humane” use because it recognizes that all use is abuse. Veganism is the recognition of the moral personhood of nonhuman animals and rejects the property status of nonhuman animals.”

February 25, 2014

Diary Of A Sports Fanatic

“True Life: I want to be a vegan”

Last November, after viewing documentaries on Netflix like as “Food Inc.”, “Forks over Knives”, and “Frankensteer” I became more conscious of the food I consume. Realizing the conditions that these cows, chickens, and pigs are living, the hormones/unnatural diets they are given, and the fact that all the protein we need to sustain life can be found in fruits, vegetables, and grains caused me to introduce a lifestyle change in my life.  This change won’t be easy though, I have spent my life consuming animal protein and I am far from an “expert” at healthy eating.

So what does it mean to be a vegan?

“Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, as well as following an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of sentient animals.”

Dietary vegans: Not only refraining from animal protein, but also eyes, diary products, and other animal-derived substances.

**The term ethical vegan refers to people who not only follow the vegan diet, but infuse that philosophy into their everyday lives, opposing the use of animal products for any purpose.**

“The term vegan was coined in 1944 by Donald Watson when he co-founded the British Vegan Society, at first to mean “non-dairy vegetarian” and later to refer to “the doctrine that man should live without exploiting animals.”

Everything in this journey is a process. So far I have cut out pork, beef, chicken, and turkey, and over the next few months I plan to completely apply veganism in my life. Diary and seafood are my next obstacles. I have already implemented almond milk into my diet. Not only does it taste amazing, it lasts 3 times longer than diary milk! Throughout my journey, I will post vegan options that I have found for you all to enjoy!

Last night I tried vegetable masala burgers from Trader Joe’s… and they were awesome. The authentic Indian spices went perfectly with some spinach, vegan mozzarella cheese (also can be purchased at Trader Joe’s), and hot sauce. 🙂





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