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The Michael Sam Parade Heads To St. Louis


Diary Of A Sports Fanatic

May 14, 2014

Over the past week, the St. Louis Rams made history by drafting the first openly gay player into the NFL. This was a steal for two reasons: 1. They drafted this year’s SEC Defensive POY and a hell of a pass rusher for little to no cost. 2. They launched themselves into the national spotlight, by revealing one of America’s elephants: Homophobia.


Let’s not beat around the bush, THIS was the reason Michael Sam was the 249th player selected in 2014 NFL Draft. Unfortunately, this video makes some people uncomfortable. Why would a loving embrace, make someone upset? Because in the year 2014, a person’s lifestyle choices are still scrutinized, ridiculed by people they don’t even know. This deep seeded insecurity and hatred bubbled to the surface when the most courageous team in the NFL drafted Michael Sam. Here’s a tweet from Marshall Henderson, basketball player for Ole Miss.


Not only did blatant ignorance show it’s ugly face, there was also some subtle shade from the Christian community. By comparing former NFL QB Tim Tebow’s faith to Michael Sam’s sexuality to conclude that homosexuality is wrong or trivial is silly. Just as silly as Marshall Henderson’s homophobic tweets…


Since 2004, every SEC Defensive POY [except Demeco Ryans, 2nd round, 33rd pick] was drafted in the 1st round, until Michael Sam. Many have criticized Sam’s combine performance, and attributed it to his plummeting draft stock. I, on the other hand smell bull shit [excuse my French]. And yes, Sam did run a 4.9 in the 40, there’s no disputing that. But for all the people who have every played organized football [myself included] running in a straight line for 40 yards HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GAME OF FOOTBALL.



I’ve gotten a chance to watch 6 Mizzou games this past year, and Michael Sam was the best player on the field in at least 4 of them. This guy just looks like he belongs in the NFL. Now look… I’m not saying the guy will be the next Lawrence Taylor, but he projects to be a solid player. He has a knack for rushing the passer, and a relentless motor. Which is extremely important, especially when you share a division with Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson like the Rams do.

I applaud the St. Louis Rams for making a great football decision, as well as having the courage to make history. Michael Sam’s induction into the NFL will force us to expose the prejudices that lurk in the shadows of our society. A person’s sexuality is their choice at the end of the day, whether you agree with it or not. Less judgement, More respect! Until next time… One Love.


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